Jaywalking on Hennessy Road

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Jaywalking on Hennessy (1 of 2)

Consider that Hennessy Road is the main artery crossing through Hong Kong Island, is something like five lanes wide, on top of two tramway lanes, and you will agree with me that jaywalking it is not for the weakhearted!

This morning, on my way to visa office, I noticed several people traversing Hennessy outside of designated crossings. One must know that at several places, Hennessy is fenced, effectively preventing pedestrians from jaywalking to the other side. For someone who comes to Hong Kong every three years, and who is not fully awake (HK follows the British habit of driving on the wrong side…), jaywalking can be pretty risky business, and I was very surprised to notice these people, a business man in suit, highschoolers, going about as if it was nothing…

Jaywalking on Hennessy (2 of 2)

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