“Go Olympic! Go China!”: Chinese Canadians on Parliament Hill on April 13th

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Anyhow, closer to home, a large demonstration (in French) in support of the Beijing Olympics was held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa last Sunday, with demonstrators coming from across Eastern Canada. Zhimin Hu, also the host of CH Montreal’s Sino-Montreal Cantonese-language show, captured moments during the protest and posted it on YouTube. One of the Montreal organizers of this protest, Jacques Liu was present at the rally on Parliament Hill: “(Our organizers) think that 10,000 people came, but 6,000-7,000 is my estimate . The RCMP thinks it was 3,000, but there were already 60 buses just from Toronto, so it must be more than that.”

There you go. I am in Beijing now, behind the great firewall, blogging on a site that is blocked in China. Reportedly, it is not just because of keywords taken out of context, but maybe a sweep on other sites hosted on this IP, because it was blocked before I ever posted the thing I think would’ve been sniffed out. Besides, this website that you are currently reading is so low-consequence that probably no human sensor would waste his time blacklisting…

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