My Little Airport: 浪漫九龍塘 + when the party is over, i miss my dear pornstar

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my little airport / lyfe music - 為你含情

Alors, mon segment musical a été diffusé à Radio Centre-Ville ce soir. Ça sera disponible à chaque semaine sur ce fichier MP3, à partir du lendemain de l’émission (mardi, de 22h30 à 23h30). Je suis vers la 40e minute cette semaine.

So, my musical segment was broadcasted tonight. Il will be available every week over at this MP3 file, starting from the day following the show (Tuesdays, 10:30 to 11:30PM). I’m at the 40th minute this week.

Semaine du 1er juillet 2008 / Week of July 1st, 2008

1. 浪漫九龍塘, by My Little Airport
2. when the party is over, i miss my dear pornstar, by My Little Airport

First song translates as “Romance in Kowloon Tong”, and the second is a reference to the name of Beijing post-punk band Snapline‘s latest album, “Party is over, pornostar”. P of My Little Airport subtly does conversation to Li Qing, the girl bassist of Snapline. Although both songs are sung partly or completely in English, My Little Airport are the first so-called independent band that I’ve ever noticed, when I saw and bought their album in Hong Kong, on a trip three years ago. They are a personal favourites that I could not not play in an introductory segment.

One can definitely characterize MLA as hailing from twee pop on synthesizers. They are part of every pan-Chinese compilation we’ve ever bought, so we do assume that they’re pretty big (in certain circles) over there!

These songs are available free of charge on MLA’s website. They are both featured in MLA’s latest album/collab with Hong Kong independent music icon Chet Lam 林一峰.

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