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雀斑 - 我不懂搖滾樂

Semaine du 23 septembre 2008 / Week of September 23rd, 2008

Cette chronique hebdomadaire sur la musique indépendante chinoise est diffusée à Radio Centre-Ville (102.3FM), les mardis entre 22h30 et 23h30. L’émission complète est disponible sur ce fichier MP3, à partir du lendemain de l’émission.

This weekly segment on independent Chinese music is broadcasted every Tuesday between 10:30PM and 11:30PM on Radio Centre-Ville (102.3FM). The full-length show is available at this MP3 file, starting from the day following the show.


1. 太陽餅 (live) “Sun cake” (live at Kafka Cafe, Taipei)
2. 小美人魚 “Beautiful little mermaid”
3. 阿呆 “Ah-dull”

We’re once again going for cute Taiwanese band who like to think that they’re Japanese! In fact, it’s not surprising that the Taiwanese take so much from the Japanese, since they were a colony of the former for almost half of the past century… Taiwan looks a lot like Japan.

This band is also recently deceased, since the end of August, while remaining a one-woman band. They’re the Freckle 雀斑, from Taipei, a band that I like, but which I should better consume in small doses. The female lead-singer’s voice is high-pitch on purpose and can destroy your sense of listening if too much of it is taken at once.

I guess that they were a big thing for the year since releasing their only full-album, which you see here above. The first song that I am offering comes in fact from a live album that I bought on Indievox, while the second comes from 像星星一樣 Like a Star, a compilation made by a Kaohsiung rock festival.

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