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Cheer Chen on a scooter / poster

Semaine du 30 septembre 2008 / Week of September 30th, 2008

Cette chronique hebdomadaire sur la musique indépendante chinoise est diffusée à Radio Centre-Ville (102.3FM), les mardis entre 22h30 et 23h30. L’émission complète est disponible sur ce fichier MP3, à partir du lendemain de l’émission.

This weekly segment on independent Chinese music is broadcasted every Tuesday between 10:30PM and 11:30PM on Radio Centre-Ville (102.3FM). The full-length show is available at this MP3 file, starting from the day following the show.


1. Let’s go to Paris (Live in Kenting – Spring Wave)
2. Small steps dance
3. Child

It was my birthday last weekend, so this is a little treat for myself!

Cheer Chen is a singer from Taiwan, and she is the queen of this brand of folk rock. I made a trip to Kenting to listen to her (as well as other bands), and biked in the dark countryside just to get to the venue, at the Maobitou park, closeby (10-15km) the main town of Kenting. In fact, the whole experience afterwards was quite memorable: going down a slope in the dark towards the sea, then encountering some village straight out of one of those slow Japanese movies (because Taiwan, at many respects, resembles Japan a lot) with old folks hanging out or playing some local game at the roadside outdoor bar or seafood restaurant…

The Spring Wave festival, a more commercial festival (sponsored by big labels and featuring Taiwanese music stars like Mayday), was nothing like Spring Scream and not my cup of tea. I recorded the first song tonight from Cheer Chen’s performance at some point past 10pm. It was a song called Let’s go together to Paris, that doesn’t feature on any of her albums, and which only release is sung by a Taiwanese artiste.

This poster here above was a reproduction bought in a shop called Mackie Study in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. There is another shop nearby that had a large advertisement panel. Comparatively speaking, Cheer Chen is relatively unknown, and a singer that indie kids tend to like.

(And, thanks Ly for saving the segment!)

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