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1. 冒險 Realm
2. 愛上你是書中主角 The Library
3. 甚麼時候

What’s the band this week? It’s a Hong Kong trio called “InLove”. I heard of them for the first time in a collab called 看不見的城市漫遊invisible cities journey, released by Hong Kong store Mackie Study.

They sound folk pop rock, and as a trio are somewhat of a peculiarity in Hong Kong’s vocalist-dominated musical landscape. This is the URL to their (promotional) blog:

inLove won a silver prize for best song (hum?) at Tom Lee’s music contest in 2002. They’ve been together ever since, releasing an EP (with their wining song, 甚麼時候), a full-length album called 冒險 Realm. In 2007, they released an album in the “Lab Yellow Session 03” series by an arts and culture group called 89268.

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