My Little Airport – (Northern Europe is our last stop) & 窮人賣屎忽

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Kid leaning outside the tram window

The My Little Airport of Hong Kong have two new songs. Get the mp3s from their website.

The first one is called 北歐是我們的死亡終站 , or “Northern Europe is our last stop (death terminal)”, and is about young people discussing suicide and concluding that going to Finland to freeze themselves to death is the most romantic. (The lyricist is not Nicole, but 阿雪?)

The second is a self-ad. MLA does gigs for money and this is an advert! “Despite the world economic crisis […], we are cheap, well-worth your money”, say the lyrics. (Edit 2008-12-03: It actually means “poor people selling their asses”.)

Music videos below the cut.



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