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SuperDay 最新專輯 <<超級歲月>>

1. 巴士奇遇結良緣 (Strange Bus Here We Love)
2. 迷失超市 (Lost In Supermarket)
3. 有條尾 (Have A Tail)

Semaine du 3 février 2009 / Week of February 3rd, 2009

Listen live to Radio Centre-Ville in Montreal. My part plays every Tuesday nights at around 11PM as part of the Chinese Cantonese musical show.

SuperDay is a band from Hong Kong, which I discovered through the AMK cover album. They are a cool sweet cutie rock band, reminiscent of Tai Tau Fat, another Hong Kong band with squeaky vocals.

SuperDay were formed in 2002 by band members Superman and Brian. They were joined by Kwok Chi and Regine, specialist of the “cute female vocals”. Two years later, she dropped from the band, and was replaced by current member Winnie.

I like Lost In Supermarket, which refers to local Hong Kong supermarkets in its lyrics.

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