My Little Airport: Donald Tsang, Please Die

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6/4, aka the Tiananmen Events, here in the West, is certainly no laughing matter. When Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, said that he represented the views of the Hong Kong people by saying during question-and-answer period that the incidents happened years ago and that the territory’s a lot more prosperous today, well, it caused a wave of reactions. (see YouTube, in Cantonese)

After question period, after 23 pan-democrats walked out of LegCo, Tsang disappeared and reappeared after 30 minutes to offer an apology and recognize that what he said was wrong.

A day later (it was May 14), My Little Airport releases “Donald Tsang, Please Die” and rhymes “Die” with “Kai”, as in “Ngo Tei Sat Seung Kai” (We’re taking the streets for sure). “Tung Chee Hwa might’ve been bad, but at least he’s got a good conscience.”

Download the MP3 here:
Donald Tsang, Please Die

That’s after writing this other song last month to demand that the salary of Stephen Lam (Secretary for Mainland and Constitutional Affairs), namely a monthly 300,000 HKD (43,000 CAD), be split. Who said that the Chinese didn’t have a sense of humour?

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