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Canada-USA on i-Cable in Hong Kong
Celebrating Corey Perry’s goal, Canada’s second

2nd intermission. 2-1 for Canada vs. USA. Unlike an all-star game, you can imagine, players are playing competitively and hard-hitting like there was no tomorrow. Take into account that this is Canada and the US, two teams known traditionally for their physical play.

How is it, watching the game here in Hong Kong? First of all, there is an official (non-pirated) live Web feed provided by i-Cable Sports, as shown on the picture here above. Unfortunately, the feed mysteriously interrupts at various random moments that are not for advertisement (unless it’s timed advertisement for the Hong Kong Olympics provider). That’s not really nice, and I hope that the actual television feed isn’t as such. It stopped just one second before Toews’ first goal for Canada.

The commentary on the i-Cable feed comes from England, and the commentator is experimented (knows his hockey vocabulary), but you are not necessarily used to this accent. Like soccer with an American accent. Color commentary is given by a guy presumably North American.

Otherwise, some people might be in bars in Wan Chai watching the game on a real TV, reports CNNgo. On Lamma, where I live, one of the co-Canadian-owned bars, the Island Bar, said that they were not planning to show the game.

Edit (later that day): We won the game, in OT, but I missed the goal as I was making breakfast, and i-Cable interrupt just two seconds after it went in.

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