Looking for the Habs in Hong Kong (Part 1)

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Canadiens in Central Hong Kong

I arrived in Hong Kong from Taipei yesterday night, and woke up early this morning to try to catch live, Game 1 of the Habs’ series against the Bruins.

So, I decided to make my way to Lan Kwai Fong, otherwise known as the expats’ party area, near the business district of Central. Streets were expectedly empty (it was 8AM, after all), and I walked around the block, to find only one bar open (and open is used broadly). The lady there told me that they had live sports from America in the morning (not exactly this, but we assume it’s that), but it was more probable in the weekend.

I walked passed The Keg, which several expats mentioned to me as a place to go for ice hockey on TV, but was unfortunately closed, as seen on the picture.

Finally, I settled for a web broadcasting of the game. I struggled a little with PCCW’s hotspots, and went to Central Government Office down the street, where I used a free wifi hotspot provided by the local GovWifi program.

Laptop w/ streaming hockey game in HK

I shall look again on Sunday morning, for Game 2…

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