This is the stuff that you drink in Beijing

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Red Star 紅星

In Beijing, you have two main choices in terms of domestic drinks. Either the watered down beer, usually Tsingtao or Yanjing in Beijing, or baijiu (literally something like “white wine” or “plain liquor”). Baijiu is a 50-60% alcohol per volume, stronger than the vodka we have at home, and would be intriguing to include in any type of cocktail.

This particular brand of baijiu here above, Red Star, is probably the most commonly found/purchased in Beijing. It is an erguotou, an inexpensive type of baijiu.

New Bang's presents spankin' rock/electro concert at Beijing's 2 Kolegas

We saw a bottle of the stuff on a poster of a show in town this past Saturday at the 2 Kolegas bar out in Chaoyang Park. It was a rock show with Joyside, Carsick Cars (both big names), Recycle and Shaka, with an electro (yes, they mix these in China…) set by Sulumi and DJ Dayong.

We are asking ourselves: is Red Star to the Beijing hipster what Pabst Blue Ribbon is to the North American one?

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  1. I think that you must have come in China before and that perhaps you have lived in Beijing for some time .I think you must have had a good time here.You have taken so many photos of people’s life in Beijing.I hope that you can show me some pictures of Paris ,too.Will you please do that?

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