The Dujiangyan earthquake

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Deep Magazine - On the Dujiangyan dam 都江堰

The strong earthquake that shook the province of Sichuan, which epicenter was said to be around Dujiangyan (都江堰), a city of 600,000 people at 15km northwest of the capital Chengdu, hits strangely close to home. One of my good friends, now living in Montreal, is originally from Dujiangyan and she is visiting her hometown for this month. When I traveled to Beijing last month, we briefly met there on her transit, and I also met her friends, who gave me a copy of this magazine (see picture) that they worked on as colleagues in Beijing.

Une copine à moi vient de Dujiangyan, est en visite là-bas en ce moment. Ceci est la couverture d’un magazine (article en couverture sur Dujiangyan) publié par la compagnie pour laquelle elle travaillait avant, à Beijing. Pas encore de nouvelles d’elle.

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