The Marshmallow Kisses : a-la-pa-ti / I Always Love The One Who Doesn’t Love Me / I Wonder Why My Favorite Boy Leaves Me in the Rain

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The Marshmallow Kisses - I wonder why my favourite boy leaves me an EP

Semaine du 2 septembre 2008 / Week of 2nd September, 2008

Cette chronique hebdomadaire sur la musique indépendante chinoise est diffusée à Radio Centre-Ville (102.3FM), les mardis entre 22h30 et 23h30. L’émission complète est disponible sur ce fichier MP3, à partir du lendemain de l’émission.

This weekly segment on independent Chinese music is broadcasted every Tuesday between 10:30PM and 11:30PM on Radio Centre-Ville (102.3FM). The full-length show is available at this MP3 file, starting from the day following the show.


1. a-la-pa-ti
2. I Always Love The One Who Doesn’t Love Me
3. I Wonder Why My Favorite Boy Leaves Me in the Rain

Aujourd’hui, je m’en vais faire un tour du côté de Hong Kong, avec le band indiepop ultra-cute The Marshmallow Kisses.

Song titles such as “I Always Love The One Who Doesn’t Love Me”, and “I Wonder Why My Favorite Boy Leaves Me in the Rain” (Edit 2009-01-30: we note that this is a cover of a song by AMK) say a lot on The Marshmallow Kisses’ style of music: extremely cute lyrics, matching the equally cute melody (with French words inserted here and there). In an issue of HK-based free English culture publication BC Magazine, the Kisses (Edine and Peter, a non-couple, they say) tell us that Shibuya-kei is one of their common inspiration. I guess that it was _the_ 2005-06 indie album to get in Hong Kong, as three of my friends (two of which live(d) in Montreal) bought a copy, despite what I suppose to be an independent release and limited print. Small world?

While it’s hard to believe, with the theme of their songs always being about innocent love, the two band members, Edine and Peter, are not in fact a couple in life. Well, hey, why not eh?

The first song was a-la-pa-ti, which was released in Harbour Records’ We Wish You An Indie X’mas web album released during the Xmas 2007 period. It contains approximate French. Then, the second song (gloomier than usual, we say) comes from In The Name Of AMK, a sampler released by Harbour, and the last song is the band’s first EP.

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