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Folktales From Many Lands

Semaine du 9 septembre 2008 / Week of September 9th, 2008

Cette chronique hebdomadaire sur la musique indépendante chinoise est diffusée à Radio Centre-Ville (102.3FM), les mardis entre 22h30 et 23h30. L’émission complète est disponible sur ce fichier MP3, à partir du lendemain de l’émission.

This weekly segment on independent Chinese music is broadcasted every Tuesday between 10:30PM and 11:30PM on Radio Centre-Ville (102.3FM). The full-length show is available at this MP3 file, starting from the day following the show.


1. Mini-compilation for Folktales From Many Lands

I met some members of the Brown Note Collective while I was touring Hong Kong on this activity called Folktales From Many Lands, an initiative by a one-time Montrealer Canadian-born Chinese and colleague artists to make people re-discover their town. The BNC was the band accompanying us on the whole tour, dressed in flashy green lime.

Listen to the first track, and you will never see dessert tofu the same way.

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