Bearbabes 熊寶貝

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1. 和平之城 (Peace city)
2. Wake Up
3. 存在論

Before I knew what they were called, I really really liked one of their songs, “The Earth gets a fright”, even going as far as thinking it was sung by Natural Q (It was from Recycles, Natural Q’s 2nd and half album after Waa left the band).

No, Bearbabes (熊寶貝) is its own band, yet another Taiwanese indie rock band. My insight is that if Western countries were open to the idea of indie bands from Chinese Asia, it would have the same effect as other Made in China products. But because they’re cultural products, the game is a different one. Japanese and Korean bands, idem – but the former have been around longer and often serve as models for other Asian bands to base themselves from.

Aside from this, Bearbabes is a very pleasant-sounding band. “I could” and 和平之城 (he ping zi cheng or “peace’s city”), the live recording from the first Kafka Urban Folk compilation (look on Indievox). I think it’s otherwise a series that you can buy for specific artists of recordings made by local or other Chinese artists performing at the Kafka By The Shore café, named after Murakami’s novel, yes – it was a big hit among indie kids in Asia, I guess.

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  1. I too just discovered this band through a friend who is living in China right now. They sound so good. I am listening to their 环岛旅行(roundabout travel) right now. it’s awesome. I’m glad there’s someone else who listens to this stuff.

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