Orange Doll 橘娃娃

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Orange Doll 橘娃娃 at Spring Scream Double Rat

1. 熱血的男孩 Hot-blooded boy
2. 水果糖 Fruit Candy (Live)
3. 逃到墾丁去 (Jumping to Kenting)

Semaine du 13 janvier 2009 / Week of January 13th, 2009

Listen live to Radio Centre-Ville in Montreal. My part plays every Tuesday nights at around 11PM as part of the Chinese Cantonese musical show.

One of the bands that marked my trip to Spring Scream 2008 in Kenting, Taiwan, was Orange Doll (blog). It was one of the small bands that I discovered on my first night there. Hailing from Kaohsiung, Orange Doll is a three-girl, one-boy band that plays this sort of indie pop rock that I like a lot, with soft vocals provided by front-woman Wama. Another band member, bassist Yuco, cites HK’s My Little Airport as one of the bands she likes.

Earlier in January 2009, they were part of a show at Taipei’s The Wall livehouse called Voices from the South (Chinese).

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