Joyside – Booze at Neptune’s Dawn

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Joyside - Booze at Neptune's Dawn

1. Booze At Dawn
2. Neptune Child
3. Sister Lunatic

Semaine du 20 janvier 2009 / Week of January 20th, 2009

Listen live to Radio Centre-Ville in Montreal. My part plays every Tuesday nights at around 11PM as part of the Chinese Cantonese musical show.

The band of the week is Joyside, a relatively well-known band among punk/rock bands on the Beijing scene. They are regulars at D-22 and have been in some documentaries about the phenomenon of Beijing rock of the post-Cui Jian era.

I don’t know what to think of them, except that they are like you would expect from any rock band in the world: they like booze, women, are loud and outspoken.

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