Montreal’s Noodles and Dumplings: Noodle Factory (3 of 4)

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Fresh noodles

Fresh noodles

Noodles, fresh

Noodle Factory on St-Urbain in Chinatown is the only place in Montreal that makes its own Chinese noodles. The must-have is its zha jiang mian, or “fried sauce noodles”, which are wheat noodles served with a soybean-based sauce usually with ground pork in it. It’s really like a kind of Chinese spaghetti.

The other must-have are the xiao long bao — which would be a lot better if the long (steamers) could be a little larger. The problem is that pieces tend to stick between them, making the broth contained in the xiao long bao (the main attraction of those) be quickly evacuated through the parchment paper. In Montreal, they are still the best I’ve had. The skins could still be thinner, if you wondered.

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    1. Oh yes, you are right for Roi du Wonton. However, Qing Hua stopped making their beef noodles a few weeks ago about when they became famous. 🙁

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