China Chalet Is the Coolest Chinese Restaurant in Fidi to Have a Party

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It was a coworker’s birthday party this weekend, and they decided to have it at a Chinese restaurant. Didn’t know why one would book a Chinese restaurant as a place to have a party, but also, why not? The Chinese banquet-type restaurant is built for weddings and other celebrations, so if you have enough friends (they did), then it’s the perfect venue to organize a party to your heart’s desire (it was an extremely awesome party).

The location is in Financial District, a very empty neighborhood on Saturdays, like any Central Business District.

I asked a few questions to the people working there, when the restaurant opened (forgot what they said… maybe the 50s?), whether one could go to a random party on any given weekend (yes, check the Instagram location), whether it’s a family business (nope).

I could also refer to all these articles saying how cool it is to have a party in a place that seems uncool. You can imagine that yourself.

China Chalet in NY FiDi
China Chalet in NY FiDi

I have no context as to why a Chinese restaurant could be a venue for a party for people who aren’t there for a Chinese context and/or food. But it’s a great to refresh your image and be part of the mainstream conversation, a little bit like what Pearl River Mart did with its mezzanine gallery at their TriBeCa location on Broadway.

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