Went to see the New York Mini 9-man volleyball tournament at Seward Park

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It was a heat wave weekend in New York, with record temperatures of over 100°F (37°C) before humidity, but the show went on anyway at the 32nd annual New York Mini 9-man tournament, at Seward Park in Chinatown.

9-man is a type of volleyball played with nine players (rather than six) on each side and historically played by early Chinese communities in North America.

I’m definitely not a volley guy (my high school experience during phys ed was less than conclusive), but the sport is particularly meaningful to my family.

New York Mini 2019
New York Mini 2019
Connex A at New York Mini 2019

Maybe one day I’ll get around to watching the 9-man doc on the topic (check out their Instagram in the meanwhile — they got the list of winners).

(Note: There were also a women’s tournament! Don’t know how it happened I only took photos during the men’s matches…)

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