Arrival in Hong Kong

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Unboard flight CO99

Just arrived in Hong Kong, and using the wifi network here. Unlike in Newark, where I had to pay $8 for my Internet, the service at Hong Kong International Airport is free!

Got out a lot earlier than I thought, so I took out my laptop to blog, check e-mails for 15 minutes (must not get sucked in). The flight was 15-hour long from Newark. With the 4-hour wait in New Jersey, and the flight from Montreal, this was a total of 22 hours spent travelling.

Very exciting to be back in Hong Kong. The most striking thing? Masses of people who look like me, and who speak in Cantonese (sometimes in Mandarin, or presumably Tagalog, as I encountered what seemed to be Filipina maids-to-be (or were they just travellers like me?…).

I traded in my old Octopus, got 30 dollars back, but had to pay 150HKD to get a new one.

SCMP - 2008-03-30

Got today’s SCMP and I suppose that I am ready to take the A11 to meet my grandparents, who rented a flat out in the 300-something Hennessy, in Wan Chai.

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  1. J’arrive de Hong Kong, et je m’en ennuie déjà! J’espère qu’on aura une carte “octopus” bientôt, c’est tellement pratique. Si le voyage n’était pas aussi long, j’y retournerais souvent.

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