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Radio Centre-Ville - Chinese New Year Special 2009

L’équipe chinoise de Radio Centre-Ville présentera son émission spéciale du Nouvel An chinois ce dimanche matin de 8h à 11h. L’émission durera trois heures, et j’aurai de mon côté une dizaine de minutes vers 9h pour parler de ma célébration du Nouvel An avec mes amis ce vendredi à partir d’extraits sonores reconstitués. (voir détails de l’émission)

The Radio Centre-Ville Chinese team will present its annual Chinese New Year special program this Sunday morning from 8AM to 11AM. The show will last for three hours and I’ll be having some ten minutes to discuss how a zuk sing like me celebrates the Chinese New Year with friends from sound clips that I will have recorded. (see show details)

Écoutez l’émission / Listen to the program

8-9AM: [audio:http://media.montreal1023.net/full/2009/%E6%96%B0%E5%B9%B4200901250800.mp3]

9-10AM: [audio:http://media.montreal1023.net/full/2009/%E6%96%B0%E5%B9%B4200901250900.mp3]

10-11AM: [audio:http://media.montreal1023.net/full/2009/%E6%96%B0%E5%B9%B4200901251000.mp3]

HE Qian and Yvonne LO
Qian HE (Mandarin team Sunday host) and Yvonne LO (Cantonese team Wednesday host)

4 thoughts on “Spécial du Nouvel An chinois à RCV 102,3FM”

  1. Tune in this Sunday January 25, 2009, 8am-11am for our Chinese New Year Special Live Broadcast in Mandarin and Cantonese!

    * The stories of international students, “CBCs”, immigrants… What are their feelings about Chinese New Year?
    * Also a funny radio drama in mandarin about some of us, Chinese immigrants, learning French!
    * Interviewing one of our own hosts! Why? Because she shares the same feelings as some of you, the international students! How does it feeling like spending her first Chinese New Year alone, away from home?
    * You like karaoke? How about trying guessing some Chinese pop songs sung by…. people who don’t quite speak Chinese?

    Join us on Sunday morning!

  2. Your segment was kind of short, but to the point. Unfortunately it was buried by that coarse voice lady insisting on keeping her new year “traditional” and making too much reference to you and your friends as “zuk sing”. Yvonne sounds like a seasoned radio DJ.

  3. En Chine,il y a aussi une emission tres speciale pour feter la nouvelle annee chinoise qui est realisee par CCTV ,une chaine tres connue en Chine.Je ne pensais pas qu’il y en a une en France.Merci a vous de me presenter cette emission.

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