Spring Scream 2008 Double Rat – the outro

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Lighthouse scene

This is it for Spring Scream! I wrote the last part on the Bande à part blog yesterday, and also posted a few pictures.

I am now in the outskirts of the city of Taichung, in Central Taiwan. I stayed at a hostel near Chung Tai University, and was the only guest there that night. Goes without saying that it was a little creepy staying by yourself in such a large place in the middle of nowhere… I am now heading out to the city, and then to Taipei.

An intro to Spring Scream Double Rat

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Sunset at Eluanbi, Kenting, Taiwan

Spring Scream is finished, but I just got online now, and will have to quit in a few minutes. However, you can read the preview written for Bande À Part this Friday, just before heading to Eluanbi, outside of Kenting. Lots of fun, lots of new discoveries. Just not enough time, and man, is it far to get there in bike…

Jaywalking on Hennessy Road

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Jaywalking on Hennessy (1 of 2)

Consider that Hennessy Road is the main artery crossing through Hong Kong Island, is something like five lanes wide, on top of two tramway lanes, and you will agree with me that jaywalking it is not for the weakhearted!

This morning, on my way to visa office, I noticed several people traversing Hennessy outside of designated crossings. One must know that at several places, Hennessy is fenced, effectively preventing pedestrians from jaywalking to the other side. For someone who comes to Hong Kong every three years, and who is not fully awake (HK follows the British habit of driving on the wrong side…), jaywalking can be pretty risky business, and I was very surprised to notice these people, a business man in suit, highschoolers, going about as if it was nothing…

Jaywalking on Hennessy (2 of 2)

Arrival in Hong Kong

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Unboard flight CO99

Just arrived in Hong Kong, and using the wifi network here. Unlike in Newark, where I had to pay $8 for my Internet, the service at Hong Kong International Airport is free!

Got out a lot earlier than I thought, so I took out my laptop to blog, check e-mails for 15 minutes (must not get sucked in). The flight was 15-hour long from Newark. With the 4-hour wait in New Jersey, and the flight from Montreal, this was a total of 22 hours spent travelling.

Very exciting to be back in Hong Kong. The most striking thing? Masses of people who look like me, and who speak in Cantonese (sometimes in Mandarin, or presumably Tagalog, as I encountered what seemed to be Filipina maids-to-be (or were they just travellers like me?…).

I traded in my old Octopus, got 30 dollars back, but had to pay 150HKD to get a new one.

SCMP - 2008-03-30

Got today’s SCMP and I suppose that I am ready to take the A11 to meet my grandparents, who rented a flat out in the 300-something Hennessy, in Wan Chai.

Comme les Chinois chez les Chinois

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China, here I come! Next Saturday, I am flying to Hong Kong for a six-week trip across Greater China, which means Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. On this odyssey, I will be stopping at places like Kenting, Taiwan, during Ching Ming, tomb-cleaning day (and long weekend across the region) for Spring Scream; in Guangdong, on my way to my ancestral village; in Beijing, in the last two weeks of April; and finally back in Hong Kong to see my family.

To my huge surprise, friends based in China have told me that my site is blocked in my country of origin, despite the very little or inexistent political contents on this blog! Maybe it was the use of forbidden words, but anyways, it will be quite a technical challenge to update this site. Also take a look at my Flickr account during my stay. You may contact me at cedric@commeleschinois.ca.


Chine, me voilà! Samedi prochain, je m’envole pour Hong Kong pour un voyage de six semaines à travers l’Asie “chinoise”, c’est-à-dire, Hong Kong, Taiwan, puis la Chine continentale. Ce périple sera marqué par des arrêts à Kenting, Taiwan, lors du Ching Ming, jour du nettoyage des tombes (et long weekend à travers la région) pour le Spring Scream; dans le Guangdong, en route vers mon village ancestral; à Beijing, dans les deux dernières semaines d’avril; et finalement de retour à Hong Kong, pour visiter ma famille.

À ma grande surprise, des amis basés en Chine me disent que ce site est bloqué dans mon pays d’origine, malgré le contenu peu ou pas politique de ce blogue! Peut-être c’est juste le fait d’utiliser des mots interdits, mais en tout cas, ce sera un défi technique de mettre ce site à jour. Voyez aussi mon compte sur Flickr. Vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail à cedric@commeleschinois.ca.