2009-08-27 Banana Music 香蕉音樂

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Cinq FM 102,3

Host + Technique: Cedric

Listen: [audio:http://media.montreal1023.net/full/2009/%e7%83%ad%e5%9c%b0%e5%8d%9a%e5%ae%a2200908272230.mp3]

Ce soir à l’émission: des bands pékinois et shanghainais, avec Hang on the Box, Ourself Beside Me, Joyside, Asthma Writers Union (Mai-Mai) et Muscle Snog.

Écoutez-moi m’enfarger dans mon chinois et allumer le mauvais micro… Ouf. Est-ce que ça tente quelqu’un d’animer ou co-animer un show de radio?

2009-08-13 Banana Music 香蕉音樂

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Host / Animateur : Cedric
Technique : Christie and Lyonciny

Listen: [audio:http://media.montreal1023.net/full/2009/%e7%83%ad%e5%9c%b0%e5%8d%9a%e5%ae%a2200908132230.mp3]

Live (Thu 10:30pm): http://radiocen.streaming.webboreal.com/radiocen.m3u

01. 旺福 – 有星星的晚上
02. 郭紋泛 – 一個失去記憶的人
03. 假音人 – 阴魂不散
04. 腰 – 不完全果皮箱
05. 顶楼的马戏团 – 你上海了我,还一笑而过
06. 凯比鸟 – 天花板
07. joy trendy sound – 当我成熟了
08. Emily – Trail of you
09. Godot – NO 4
10. Ariane Moffatt – Je veux tout

What are these? A bunch of vinyls from Hong Kong!

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Old records that my aunt gave me

My aunt is visiting from Hong Kong and had to empty her closet at my grandmother’s home. This is how I was passed down these old vinyls from the late 80s, maybe early 90s, period during which stars like Alan Tam, Hacken Lee and, of course, Jacky Cheung and Leslie Cheung were just about starting their career. I was disappointed to find no Faye Wong or Teresa Teng, but I think it’s because the former wasn’t very popular until 1992-ish and that the latter was not so cool for young people considering that she had her career going since the late 1960s.

譚詠麟 - 再見吧!?浪漫

This is Alan Tam 譚詠麟, and I remember listening to his songs when I was 3-5 years old. I especially remembered him because the last character of his name “麟” is a Cantonese homonym of the last character in my Chinese name, “倫”. The other singer I listened to as a toddler was George Lam, otherwise known as the guy with a moustache. Another aunt liked his music — and her husband also sported (and still sports) a similar moustache.

陳百強 - 蒙裡人

Danny Chan 陳百強 is a singer that I did not know about until seeing Hong Kong omnibus film Trivial Matters. In one of the stories, two girls who sang Danny Chan’s songs together at the karaoke take very different paths in life after they both become teenage mothers. Probably one of the reasons I did not hear of him before, aside from being Cantopop-illiterate: he died in 1993.


Then there is Hacken Lee 李克勤. He was very popular in the late 80s and early 90s and, after a slow period of a decade, became very popular again with top-selling hits. My impression is that when I heard of him for the first time in 2002-ish, he looked like an old(er) star with youthful fashion habits.


張學友 - 昨夜夢魂中

Then of course, you have the two that I always confused, Leslie Cheung 張國榮 and Jacky Cheung 張學友. The former committed suicide in 2003 on April’s Fool in a similar way his character in the last movie he ever appeared in was also going to kill himself. The latter is the one I quote from my uncle for having performed in Montreal sometime (a few times?) in the 1990s. Since then, no major Hong Kong star would ever come to Montreal ever again, except to my knowledge for at17 and then Jason Chan, invited by RVision Productions with the financial backing of Yat Lo, the Montreal business person who runs Loch Cellular in Chinatown. Of course, it doesn’t make things easier when a certain Jackie Chan became famous in the West.

2009-07-30 Banana Music 香蕉音樂 (Spécial chiffres)

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Host / Animateur : Cedric
Technique : Christie

Listen: [audio:http://media.montreal1023.net/full/2009/%e7%83%ad%e5%9c%b0%e5%8d%9a%e5%ae%a2200907302230.mp3]

Spécial chiffres / Numbers special

1. 929 – 簡單的方式(海邊版)
2. 831 – 來去夏威夷
3. 22 Cats – He Sucks
4. 22 Cats – New Animals
5. InLove – 十二種命運
6. 方欣浩 – 歡迎我嗎?
7. 1969 – Sweetheart
8. 1969 – Rock With Chinese Characteristics
9. 8mm sky – the sound before christmas
10. 1976 – 嫉妒還是喜歡
11. Malajube – Le Métronome

2009-07-16 Banana Music 香蕉音樂

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Host / Animateur : Cedric
Technique : Lyonciny

Listen (after 23h45): [audio:http://media.montreal1023.net/full/2009/%e7%83%ad%e5%9c%b0%e5%8d%9a%e5%ae%a2200907162230.mp3]

Music lineup / Musiques diffusées

01. 新裤子 New Pants – 你是我的雷蒙斯 You are my Ramones
02. 新裤子 New Pants – 我爱你 I love you
03. 沙子 Shazi – 把它送给你 Offer it to you
04. 星期三旅行 Wednesday Trip – Magic Hours
05. oNEwAY – South of the Cloud
06. 阿飛西雅 Aphasia – 愛的墮落 Love’s Fall
07. 范晓萱 Mavis Fan – You Don’t Trust Me At All
08. 生番 Sangfan – 皆同(街童) All the same
09. Bamboo Star feat Jun Kung – Where Do We Go (Where is Home)
10. AMK – 屋企 Home

L’émission d’aujourd’hui débute avec le groupe pékinois New Pants que j’ai découvert par la compilation du label Modern Sky Chill Bands Out. On poursuit avec deux autres chansons de la même compilation.

On passe à la portion post-rock de l’émission avec OneWay (South of the Cloud), un groupe de Kunming, Yunnan, dans le sud-ouest de la Chine, ainsi que Aphasia, une formation taiwanaise. Voici d’ailleurs une compilation par Neocha d’artistes post-rock chinois. Vous y trouverez un lien pour télécharger toutes les chansons.

On finit l’émission avec Mavis Fan, une chanteuse pop taiwanaise qui ne fait _pas_ dans les belles balades tranquillos, ainsi que du rap de Hong Kong avec SangFan et une chanson créée pour un court métrage qui a gagné le I shot Hong Kong dans sa catégorie cette année.

Musique Banane: Spécial St-Jean chinois (et en retard)

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Host / Animateur : Cedric
Technique : Christie

Listen: [audio:http://media.montreal1023.net/full/2009/%e7%83%ad%e5%9c%b0%e5%8d%9a%e5%ae%a2200907022230.mp3]

Music lineup / Musiques diffusées

1. Mitsou – Les Chinois
2. André – Yolande Wong
3. Sakura and the Quests – Michelle
4. Cheer Chen – Let’s go together to Paris
5. Beau Dommage – Chinatown
6. Chinatown – Pénélope
7. My Little Airport – J’ai peur
8. My Little Airport – Je pense à toi
9. My Little Airport – Lai Chi Kok Park
10. The Marshmallow Kisses – a-la-pa-ti
11. The Marshmallow Kisses – Epilogue French Lesson
12. Les Dots – Dépanneur de Chinois
13. Mara Tremblay – La Chinoise
13b. Mara Tremblay – Grande est la vie
14. 自然卷 Natural Q – C’est la vie
15. 薛凱琪 Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei – Si j’étais Carla

Ce soir, je vous propose un mélange de chansons québécoises avec comme thème “chinois”, et puis des chansons chinoises avec un lien avec le français. C’est drôle à voir comment de chaque bord on aime se rendre exotique. Quand tu as vécu des deux bords musicalement, tu penses franchement que c’est cocasse. En fait, je pense que cette émission est en quelque sorte l’aboutissement de ma quête identitaire musicale…

2009-06-25 Musique Banane

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Host: Cedric
Technique: Christie

Listen: [audio:http://media.montreal1023.net/full/2009/%e7%83%ad%e5%9c%b0%e5%8d%9a%e5%ae%a2200906252230.mp3]

Music lineup

1. 魏如萱 Waa – 女人經痛時
2. 魏如萱 Waa – 世界末日的某個角落
3. 諾琪 NOKI – 气球
4. 諾琪 NOKI – 全年不休
5. A Roller Control – TV Dream
6. A Roller Control – Story Of The Fly
7. 壞女兒 Bad Daughter – 我有我的小太陽
8. 壞女兒 Bad Daughter – 登登等
9. Veraqueen – 小眼睛汽球
10. 熊寶貝 Bearbabes – 38度C
11. Ourself Beside Me – Medicine Girl
12. The Yours – Fat Is Selfish

My Little Airport: Donald Tsang, Please Die

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6/4, aka the Tiananmen Events, here in the West, is certainly no laughing matter. When Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, said that he represented the views of the Hong Kong people by saying during question-and-answer period that the incidents happened years ago and that the territory’s a lot more prosperous today, well, it caused a wave of reactions. (see YouTube, in Cantonese)

After question period, after 23 pan-democrats walked out of LegCo, Tsang disappeared and reappeared after 30 minutes to offer an apology and recognize that what he said was wrong.

A day later (it was May 14), My Little Airport releases “Donald Tsang, Please Die” and rhymes “Die” with “Kai”, as in “Ngo Tei Sat Seung Kai” (We’re taking the streets for sure). “Tung Chee Hwa might’ve been bad, but at least he’s got a good conscience.”

Download the MP3 here:
Donald Tsang, Please Die

That’s after writing this other song last month to demand that the salary of Stephen Lam (Secretary for Mainland and Constitutional Affairs), namely a monthly 300,000 HKD (43,000 CAD), be split. Who said that the Chinese didn’t have a sense of humour?

Une nouvelle émission les mardis à 22h30 au 102,3 FM

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Radio Centre-Ville - Cinq FM

Ma gang et moi avons diffusé hier soir la première de notre nouveau format d’émission à Radio Centre-Ville. Il s’agit d’une heure d’actualités, de discussions, majoritairement en cantonnais (parsemé d’anglais et de français), entre Yvonne, Doris, Ly et moi-même. Notre niveau de cantonnais est variable (surtout en ce qui me concerne).

Écoutez la première émission:

Au menu de l’émission du 7 avril:
– Le tremblement de terre de L’Aquila
– Le festival Spring Scream
– Sortez vos bicyclettes!

Chansons jouées lors de mon segment (traduction libre): « Fuyons à Kenting » de Orange Doll, et « Arrivés à Hawaii » de 831 (八三夭).

Harbour Records 5th anniversary / 維港5年

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Semaine du 17 mars 2009 / Week of March 17th, 2009

1. 22 Cats – Queen of Diamond Hill
2. False Alarm – Hell’s Metal
3. Caffeine Park – Thunder Lightning

Listen live to Radio Centre-Ville in Montreal. My part plays every Tuesday nights at around 11PM as part of the Chinese Cantonese musical show.

If you are in Hong Kong this Saturday, then don’t miss the Harbour Records 5th anniversary show at Fringe Club in Central.

Here are three bands/artists who had albums released with Harbour Records since 2004: 22Cats, False Alarm and Caffeine Park.